Surplus & Expired Chemicals BUYER

Surplus & Expired Chemicals BUYER


CHEMOL will BUY your SURPLUS & EXPIRED CHEMICALS. We can convert redundant stocks into cash. Do you want to avoid paying high disposal costs? We will solve the problem and purchase your products. Our company works globally and locally since 15 years. We believe in simple solutions and effectiveness. Every manufacturer and trader will face the problem of having a surplus stock, sooner or later. The fact is: excess inventory is one of the largest costs making companies financially weaker. Size of your business does not matter, obsolete inventory always becomes a nightmare. - Your customer has cancelled or decreased a regular order without prior warning - Some quantity was left and the product became expired - Raw material is no longer needed as the production process has been changed - Too much material was bought in relation with huge discount given by the supplier - A batch does not meet standard specification and cannot be sold normally If above scenario has happened to you already, do not wait any longer! We are here to help you! Please contact for more details:


We are interested in buying:


  • surplus chemicals coming from all industries, inorganic and organic, bulk & small quantities 
  • slow-movers, off-spec, expired intermediates & finished products


as well as:


  • metal residues, ashes, filter cakes, spent catalysts, production leftovers, by-products
  • scrap metals, pure metals & chemicals based on: Co, Cu, Mo, Ni, Se, Sn, W, Ta, Ga, Sc, I
  • used production equipment (reactors, tanks, centrifuges, dryers)


Above list is not complete. Please offer us anything you want to resell.



Our team has more than 15 years experience in supplying:


  • SODIUM SELENITE 45% (feed additive)
  • PREMIXES 1-10% Se (feed additive)
  • SODIUM MOLYBDATE (fertilizers production)
  • AMMONIUM MOLYBDATE (fertilizers production)
  • BARIUM SELENITE (glass industry)
  • ZINC SELENITE (glass industry)



CHEMOL is the exclusive distributor representing EnviroCat

Sodium methylate used in biodiesel production (Hg free product)


Adres: Furgola 4044-230 Czerwionka-Leszczyny, Poland